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Previous fillup on 1/8/17. Discount gas coupons were expiring so I did it again. 6 mos., 6.47 gal, 552 mpg.…
8th July, 2017
The hypochondriac #ChevyVolt strikes again. Stabilitrak/reduced propulsion power combo.
8th July, 2017 #ChevyVolt
I did the math once - driving a #ChevyVolt on electricity in Connecticut generates abt half the emissions of a reasonably efficient gas car.
7th July, 2017 #ChevyVolt
Red, white and two. Whether it’s a 2017 Chevy #BoltEV or 2017 #ChevyVolt, we have something just for you!...
7th July, 2017 #BoltEV, #ChevyVolt
@Mess_OfMe @ALT_uscis @volvocarsglobal @VolvoCarUSA I hope they'll decide to make those EREV types (primarily elect…
7th July, 2017