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Tell me how many perpetrators are off the street #chicagopolice @chicago_police
18th August, 2017 #chicagopolice
After police easily subdued their fem leftist attackers, three were led away crying. #Antifa will find out, #ChicagoPolice don't play Homey
18th August, 2017 #ChicagoPolice
Breaking: @cta Red, Brown and Purple trains stopped at Fullerton for #ChicagoPolice activity. @AnitaPadilla32 live report at 8am @fox32news
15th August, 2017 #ChicagoPolice
Deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and CPD on the LODD of #ChicagoPolice Captain James Lavoy who passed away while On-Duty
14th August, 2017 #ChicagoPolice