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best friend excellence 💅🏼💘 📸 Chris and Scarlett at The Winter Soldier premiere in London #ScarlettJohansson
12th February, 2019
This weekend, we’re going back to the talented works of Edgar Wright! Give us your thoughts on Scott Pilgrim vs. th…
12th February, 2019
When daddy finds out you failed in a test and threatens to cut your allowance. #ChrisEvans
12th February, 2019 #ChrisEvans
@ChrisEvans This was my last come back after about to lose 200 #chrisEvans Accounts on Google plus whatever I can d…
12th February, 2019 #chrisEvans
Tips on how to save money on your prescriptions discussed in new video from #ChrisEvans #NETV
11th February, 2019 #ChrisEvans