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#ClimateChange and the Scary Clown #Trump TRUMP: One of the problems that a lot of people like myself — we have ve…
2nd December, 2018 #ClimateChange, #Trump
The only way to save Amazon Forest and stop using chemical fertilization is to increase production of CO2. Is this…
2nd December, 2018
With the direst warnings yet of the impending environmental disaster still ringing in their ears, representatives f…
2nd December, 2018
So I guess we are to believe that the world is full of dumb leaders. #climatechange .@UNFCCC
2nd December, 2018 #climatechange
In just a week, countries will decide how to implement the Paris Agreement @the UN climate talks. Trump's delegati…
2nd December, 2018
Heavy industry and heavy-duty transport could reach zero emissions by mid-century #ClimateChange
2nd December, 2018 #ClimateChange