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Proud of @UNTConnect's work. Excited for what's next w/ @credengine+@ConcentricSky Learner journeys as "individual…
29th September, 2020
Birdgang faithful welcoming in the 2-0 @AZCardinals #Clr beat the lions !!!!!
27th September, 2020 #Clr
Alrighty fam, we're launching @UpSideComp very soon and we have a @Gitcoin Grant which is doing 15 DAI matching for…
27th September, 2020
Guys, hoping to reach out to my Twitter followers to help us out on our @Gitcoin Grant. Feel free to reach out to…
27th September, 2020
A useful technic to stimulate interactive teaching! #CLR-NL
25th September, 2020 #CLR
Ready to move your comprehensive learner record program out of the planning stage, be sure to attend the CLR Roundt…
25th September, 2020
7-1 7-1 against #PBR played well today lets continue like that on saturday against #CLR !
24th September, 2020 #CLR
Get your #CLR initiative out of the planning stage! Learn how at the next open discussion for #highereducation lead…
21st September, 2020 #CLR