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Exciting day @ILAToday intensive conference in Las Vegas with @drrocked and @mrsjenjump helping educators underst…
21st June, 2019
Food for thought...Who are your underserved and are you being culturally responsive? Amazing key note speaker, Sha…
20th June, 2019
Culturally Responsive Learning: 1. Validate them 2. Affirm them 3. Build connections to their home culture 4.…
20th June, 2019
CLR vs JVM: How the Battle Between .NET and Java Extends to the VM-Level | OverOps Blog #clr #jvm
18th June, 2019 #clr
@Inc what strategy do you believe is most effective in enhancing the synergy between sales and marketing for optimi…
17th June, 2019
64 days and counting! To a wonderful summer vacation. #AYearat43 #CLR
16th June, 2019 #CLR