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Big thank you to our sponsor @chenxiesports for our jerseys! Use the code 'Clarity' for a discount on your next pur…
18th January, 2020
@PaulGerke The reason I enjoy the news and #clr is leaving and although really bummed, I won’t be seeing you here l…
17th January, 2020 #clr
Piper Sandler Raises Continental Resources Q1 2020 Earnings Estimates to $0.79 EPS (Previously $0.49). $CLR #CLR
16th January, 2020 #CLR
Quick poll for you, Whats your favorite open world game? #Clr @SmallStreamersR @SGH_RTs @SupStreamersRT2
16th January, 2020 #Clr
Submit your talk(s) for #inclojure2020 now! Just about a weekend to go. CFP closes on 20th Jan 2020. We offer all p…
16th January, 2020
The World Association of Lesson Study 2020 conference will take place in San Francisco on December 2-4. The website…
16th January, 2020
How do I map a credential to a custom assembly in SQL Server? #sql-server #clr #sql-server-2016 #sqlclr
15th January, 2020 #clr
Good morning. #WeRise . @LarryFitzgerald signs 1 year deal to return to the @azcardinals for his 17th season . .…
15th January, 2020
Piper Sandler Raises Continental Resources FY2019 Earnings Estimates to $2.33 EPS (Previously $2.24). $CLR #CLR
15th January, 2020 #CLR