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I love @TheCrashCourse & I love @notaxation & #CLS sounds like it'll be something akin to a focused Crash Course series hosted by Colin
21st March, 2017 #CLS
@notaxation Never gave money to a patreon before. Happy to do it today. #CLS
21st March, 2017 #CLS
@notaxation I, like many others, have your back Colin. I know that #CLS will push me to think and see the world differently. Love ya dude!
21st March, 2017 #CLS
@notaxation As I see your #CLS Patreon crack 30k (congrats!) I recall: Didn't a wise man once say never to order something sight unseen? :-)
21st March, 2017 #CLS
@notaxation will #CLS be available in audio format as a podcast?
21st March, 2017 #CLS
.@notaxation #CLS Patreon is near 30k. At what level of support of you buy @iznir3 a big diamond ring?
21st March, 2017 #CLS
I tweeted too soon. This is happening! So excited for this episode! @notaxation @joerogan #cls
21st March, 2017 #cls
@notaxation You just got my support! Can't wait to see what you got! Good luck and congrats! #CLS
20th March, 2017 #CLS
@notaxation Good luck with the Patreon! The quality of Colin Was Right on @KindaFunnyVids combined with the intro v…
20th March, 2017