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If Capitalism is good and Socialism is bad then why are so many government resources and wealth used to support cor…
19th July, 2019
#CNN 🇺🇸Democrats plot new plan to press Mueller on Trump's alleged crimes (2019-07-19 16:07:48Z)
19th July, 2019 #CNN
Folks,this is👇 dumb & I am sick of hearing it! Huh! Trump “knows” what he is doing l? 🛑 he is a drunken monkey pee…
19th July, 2019
Please post pictures of any Catholic Bishop who poses with Trump. We will get it all over the internet. #catholics
19th July, 2019
So there was bloated #Rush Limbaugh on air in defense of Trump and making fun of Latinos. Who you gonna #vote for? #cnn
19th July, 2019 #cnn