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@Lichlings Not to be serious in a fun post, but my guess is even though #CoD is also M, parents would only file law…
28th May, 2017 #CoD
@frxgn Let's welcome @iEyeQ back as Team Captain of #COD.AK Youth again and see what we can bring you guyscim future competitions!
28th May, 2017 #COD
Good Morning Gamers! Unfortunely to say that @frxgn step down from #COD.AK Youth. We'll miss you and hope for the best!!
28th May, 2017 #COD
nothing like getting a good work out in before a cod championship sunday. #cod #MLG
28th May, 2017 #cod
[#COD] We are looking for a COD team to represent us in the @DOM_Tourneys S3 League & @VAL_OnlineHQ League ! Retweets Appreciated !
28th May, 2017 #COD
If you are a Robloxian #BENCADENC @BENCADENC is planning to announce soon with 12K Robux as monthly giveaway…
28th May, 2017