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Hillary is the type of bitch who creates a mess and then try to double back to clean her meddling fuck up #CodeConference
4th July, 2017 #CodeConference
Hillary👹is so WEAK she wants 48 states to help her fight a battle she started #CodeConference hillary loves weak cyber👽security&AllSecurity✔
4th July, 2017 #CodeConference
#CodeConference at least hillary can do what radicals did #HandsUpDontShoot #HOAX She said Alex Jones' name w/ no problems TY Bitch
29th June, 2017 #CodeConference
Hillary paraded on #CodeConference and expect Americans to be Silent hmm The only ones who are silent are the guilty that's why they run
29th June, 2017 #CodeConference
Hillary ran to that #CodeConference but hates real technology that's clean 😕 Hillary believes she's bad because she abuse her clearance SPY😱
28th June, 2017 #CodeConference
it should be on #YouTube it they don't snatch it down they are the cybercodecons👥 Then ur followers gotta pull up H…
28th June, 2017
Hillary is stupid all that colluding and lying for what and took it all the way to #CodeConference hmm how tacky spiteful and arrogant
27th June, 2017 #CodeConference