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@BMW_UK Why can't your customer service agents tell me if my new M140i has the connect drive services or not???!! #BMW #connecteddrive
22nd February, 2017 #BMW
I love the idea of #ConnectedDrive but this screams "accident" Is there a more safe and balanced solution?
20th February, 2017
@bmwusa Im having issues with the Android version of #connecteddrive since I bought my M3 2 months ago. Dealt with dealer and genius, no joy
15th February, 2017
Dear @BMWUSA @BMW - #connecteddrive App on iOS is currently crashing. Uninstall does not help. Please fix.
15th February, 2017
@BMW latest version of #ConnectedDrive stopped functioning this morning on my iPhone 6s. Reinstallation did not fix it!
14th February, 2017