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1st - No doubt in Jaya death 2nd - Will constituency commission for enquiry 3rd - Will tell the truth to the commission #Contrary
8th October, 2017 #Contrary
@Alichat66 @JulesSunbeam @soyoprincess My dad moved up to us so it was easier tbf. I agree w.principle but OTOH, I…
6th October, 2017
@pongosnodgrass @Videogameareart @Nigel_Farage @EFDgroup @f_philippot @_LesPatriotes I thought you didn't want to argue? #contrary
5th October, 2017 #contrary
#Contrary RBI has predicted 7.7% growth in the coming quarters: PM Modi RBI keeps repo rate unchanged at 6%, lowers growth forecast to 6.7
4th October, 2017 #Contrary