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?, dpbq, ?, ?, ☄, ? (?) the monolith was irregular, measuring some 37 x 18 x 31 km, and heavily #cratered
12th April, 2017
The Syria Air Strikes Really Show Who The Shills Are On The Right , Alt-Right , Ect You Know Who You Are If You Are…
7th April, 2017
@RedPillingYou People Had An Anxiety Attack & Found Their Old Stash Of Obama Blue Pills. #cratered
7th April, 2017 #cratered
@JackPosobiec #cratered People Are So Upset That Trump Took Action & Flexed His Power? Don't Self Destruct The Sun…
7th April, 2017 #cratered
@USA_FREEDOM_NOW @JackPosobiec @hale4jesus So Basically People Are Mad Trump Uses More Then Stern Words OMG…
7th April, 2017
@RedPillingYou @stranahan #Cratered People Are Self Destructing Hardcore From Trumps Muscle Flexing In Syria
7th April, 2017 #Cratered