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So... looking at #Crowned account... I’d say the voice is on right now. [dies laughing]
22nd November, 2017 #Crowned
Pinned to The Life of Zipporah Monique on @Pinterest: Meetings with the Team. Stay tuned. #CROWNED
21st November, 2017 #CROWNED
We're celebrating the launch of CROWNED by having special discounts on the series!! Check it out!! #sale #ebooks
21st November, 2017
@Forbes has crowned @Beyonce as the highest-paid woman in music. Runner-up @Adele also enjoyed a successful year on…
21st November, 2017
I’m still a bit down. Shall be in DMs if you need me. #Crowned
21st November, 2017 #Crowned
My cousin thinks I am hilarious enough to try out an open mic. I'm thinking about it but, it reminds me of how I f…
19th November, 2017