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#Damian - Thievery Corporation Habaños Days played on: CHILL-ONE radio pop up player: https://t.co/xfZCSVEGbm
16th October, 2016 #Damian
#Damian"JrGong"Marley | ♫Patience Best entry in India (Reggae) into №5 🔊 Now on https://t.co/pZRMjM4x71 https://t.co/LZLbsLkE1C
15th October, 2016 #Damian
#inktober day 9 a dreaming family I just want Damian can being happiness thought it just a character #inktober2016https://t.co/I5m6iPkstC
15th October, 2016
save Damian Oliver penalty too harsh, spring womt be the same #Damian Oliver
15th October, 2016 #Damian
The scum runs deep in this family. I feel sorry for Melania that she birthed another bad seed #Damian #VileTrump https://t.co/NPX4kFORaG
14th October, 2016 #Damian
What #Damian says carries a whole of weight and to some extent I agree with him but not err'one has the guts to stand up @LynetteFrancis1
14th October, 2016 #Damian