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work work work im really so damn tired of u #Damon #바시티 https://t.co/PTCzoano1X
7th February, 2018 #Damon
Korean boys watching Cardi B for the first time!! At last, Guy at the back is no more! P.S. What's wrong with back… https://t.co/BIk0Pc5YFn
7th February, 2018
Honestly since I keep binge watching it I keep having dreams of being Elena and damn Damon been all over me. Ugh.… https://t.co/pK1rGBl0DI
6th February, 2018
New York Yankees: Johnny Damon deserves a carrot, not just a HOF bone - Elite Sports NY #damon https://t.co/WyA7NppA53
6th February, 2018 #damon
#VampireDiaries "dear diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today, I said it was Joe. That lie will haunt me all day "… https://t.co/VNoA8hw4bv
6th February, 2018
| Earth - Damon | 🌍 🌏 🌎 Check out the full range of tees, mugs, tote bags & prints from Damon on our site:… https://t.co/0Pxh1RUFLD
5th February, 2018