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Ready to roll and drive transformation with the Modern Marketing Confluence series in association with… https://t.co/Jh4VpxIgbi
15th July, 2020
The only people who believe this are anti #Dan. #LNP hacks. He’s always damned if he does or damned if he doesn’t.… https://t.co/9gB7MSe45T
15th July, 2020 #Dan
Day 22&23 of 25 press ups for 30 days to highlight PTSD, depression, anxiety and male suicide supporting the charit… https://t.co/9BlQOmcsXj
15th July, 2020
Paint AK's ? Linked Paint rounds? UTM MMR has linked 5.56mm and 7.62mm for use in Minimi's and other belt fed weap… https://t.co/A4D1hDocsB
15th July, 2020
#DAN: when i talk about being lonely i just want you to know this has Nothing to do with you phil❤
15th July, 2020 #DAN
#DAN: everybody is annoying (except phil🥰) i hate seeing people (except phil🥰) https://t.co/ns8rRMEytN
14th July, 2020 #DAN