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It has been a long ass winter but I am finally back on the road! New video is up now! Go check it out on: 📺… https://t.co/ddw4T2dYcf
8th April, 2020
Post COVID: Toilet paper consumption, about the same. Dishwasher detergent, through the friggin roof. #darkhorse
8th April, 2020 #darkhorse
Dark Horse Comics Previews All New BALTIMORE story from BALTIMORE OMNIBUS 2 https://t.co/0uquOhTXyWhttps://t.co/NXEm6y9lRL
8th April, 2020
@Peter_Baugh Las Margs, Bangkok Gardens, India House and Sub Shop are all criminally underrated here #darkhorse
7th April, 2020 #darkhorse
Just Listed: Star Wars Empire Volume 6 Trade Paperback TPB Graphic Novel Dark Horse https://t.co/sojFZV3k1X via… https://t.co/w6tnGvNIwz
7th April, 2020
2020 COMICS READ (0492) Amethyst 02 (2020) Hawkman 20 (2020) Hawkman 21 (2020) Tomorrow 01 (2020) #readingcomicshttps://t.co/ENNVaeyncF
7th April, 2020