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@Jessie_LaurenE He was amazing. And it was a great idea to be honest. #DarkHorse
18th November, 2018 #DarkHorse
@c22dope @AaronNagler Seahawks got Top 10 O & D, all my losses by one possession, 3 of the 5 less then a TD! Don’t sleep #DarkHorse
17th November, 2018 #DarkHorse
Our numbers breakdown after week 1 10 Freshman 13 Sophomores 7 Juniors 5 Seniors We have a great group of young… https://t.co/N4mOLIkJDK
17th November, 2018
@SampsonInd @SampsonBriefly can we listen to the #darkhorse game online? Trying to listen in the restaurant!
17th November, 2018 #darkhorse
Once again, our #DarkHorse players were vital to a @DuhawkMBB victory last night: 2015 Josh Ruggles: 2️⃣8️⃣pts,… https://t.co/sfyj2zdXe7
17th November, 2018 #DarkHorse
In her first game of the season last night, #DarkHorse 2020 5’4 PG Liliana Guerra (Yorkville HS, IL) led Yorkville… https://t.co/OL6dlgjDSO
17th November, 2018 #DarkHorse
In a tough loss last night, #DarkHorse 2020 6’ F Lindsay Blackmore (Geneva HS, IL) was still tremendous, scoring 29… https://t.co/qddcAtOAAq
17th November, 2018 #DarkHorse
Oh, oh! It's time... for our WINTER SALES! Only until December 15th, so get some deals for Xmas, NOW!!! #dccomicshttps://t.co/psWyC6XOz7
17th November, 2018 #dccomics
IMAGE, DARKHORSE, IDW and MORE solicitations for Jan '19... https://t.co/DO3UvWi0ak Including BUFFY!!!… https://t.co/wSt1bo2hRr
17th November, 2018