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Truely amazing - he’s the hero that Champaign deserves, but not the one it needs right now #Sports #DarkKnight https://t.co/IyDM4rD4a8
16th May, 2018 #Sports, #DarkKnight
We spoke about this great article by friend of the show @adamrank last night on @BearsBarroom #Bears100Proof great… https://t.co/NZEgWxRg5h
16th May, 2018
The Dark Knight Tee definitely looks good in the park. Thank you @bythegraceofhim 🙌🏾————————————————————… https://t.co/lAMzyiY2pu
16th May, 2018
'Blue Rose.' (I have a proper set of screens planned in this theme, however I took a few hasty ones just because I… https://t.co/8WBdawVcK2
16th May, 2018