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Whilst wandering around, stumbled upon a stand off... Time Lord vs. Sith Lords! @MCMComicCon #cosplayshophttps://t.co/h8CgBf1qo3
19th June, 2018
Washington National Cathedral is adorned with hundreds of elaborate carvings and scores of #gargoyles—including Dar… https://t.co/Ch2CYCm7GU
19th June, 2018
I actually had a cup of English Breakfast Tea today. Are you a tea drinker? What type? BTW!!! Darth Alice videos a… https://t.co/Ksf1ObhvRB
19th June, 2018
What would you rate this Darth Vader redesign on a scale from 1-10? Art by @MikeGarn - #starwars #starwarsarthttps://t.co/fXLhtl8GPg
19th June, 2018 #starwars