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Icy roads caused a car to spin into this semi truck driver, as proven by his X350 #dashcam. https://t.co/oQdo7h4DwS https://t.co/RFP5RvwRT8
25th February, 2017 #dashcam
Latest 1080P HD 2.7 LCD Car DVR Camera Dash Cam Video Recorder Night Vision UK https://t.co/TC9EX0JNPu #DashCamshttps://t.co/tLaCayg2yZ
25th February, 2017
Federal Statistics show that an accident happens every 60 secs. Are you protected while driving? @EchoCams #DashCam #DashCams #CarDVR
25th February, 2017 #DashCam
1 in 10 accidents are hit & runs where the other person takes off & you have no proof showing what happened. @EchoCams #CarDVR #DashCam
25th February, 2017 #DashCam