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@Masterman how's the podcast gone from 71 to 73! Has the lack of holiday messed up your counting skills #Dave @ChrisMoyles @Pipskin
16th March, 2017 #Dave
When you ruin your dad's attempt at a dad joke. 😂 #Dave https://t.co/mJhmncwXCl
16th March, 2017 #Dave
🎉Pop -A-Shot Contest🎉 March 16-19th Dave & Busters 6-8 PM Free Entry 🏀 #Relentless #Dave&Busters @daveandbusters https://t.co/iaCpFthfju
16th March, 2017 #Relentless, #Dave
They other day someone said I broke I nearly lost my mind I'm out on the grind for what I put in so much work for what #Dave
16th March, 2017 #Dave