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In 1989 nuclear weapons were moved from South Africa by #DavidCameron, @BarackObama, Jacob Zuma and Margaret Thatch… https://t.co/HzTMZQcvcP
18th February, 2018 #DavidCameron
For many people & businesses leaving the EU is such a life changing event. I believe a 2nd referendum is needed on… https://t.co/vBnAUHGwCx
18th February, 2018
#Corbyn isn’t fit to lead the country?! #Thatcher ripped the still-beating heart out of British industry, #TedHeathhttps://t.co/iRd7MFJvVT
18th February, 2018
I’m perfectly happy for anyone to come to this country and WORK! But come on the ones who have not done one years w… https://t.co/8HMqHBa0k2
18th February, 2018
Theresa May replies to 'extremely regrettable #Brexit' remark. I reply: it was extremely regrettable #DavidCameronhttps://t.co/u1Oedahcq8
18th February, 2018 #Brexit, #DavidCameron
@emseasingtri @WestmonsterUK There's abundant video evidence of political programmes interviewing top politicians e… https://t.co/IvtLDh5RUU
18th February, 2018
#DavidCameron has done untold damage to this country, damage that will take years to repair. All for the sake of ke… https://t.co/gEQNpRVDg0
17th February, 2018 #DavidCameron