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"#IvanRogers is the chap who did #DavidCameron's renegotiation, and provided us with the 'thin gruel'. I'm not sur… https://t.co/tOyeGC3LIn
27th May, 2018 #DavidCameron
Shameless @DamianHinds still states the numerical truth but blatant real terms lie that there is more money than ev… https://t.co/7wFaEdOhYe
27th May, 2018
@BrexitBin So irresponsible of #DavidCameron not to have set a figure of say 70% for a majority on such a vitally i… https://t.co/w79UkIxyON
26th May, 2018 #DavidCameron
Would so like to see @afneil use this as an opening monologue on @bbcthisweek Maybe with the opening string chorus… https://t.co/7jjeZy6KmG
26th May, 2018