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@SkyNews @LiamPLEdwards That's the sort of person that should get MBE OBE CBE #DavidDuncan thank you
10th January, 2017 #DavidDuncan
@JKaminski151 #DavidDuncan Thanks David. You are true and good man. Such solidarity between truck drivers is great exemple for everybody.
10th January, 2017 #DavidDuncan
#davidduncan Well done Poland for recognising the kindness of Dave Duncan raising money 4 Berlin driver victim. Kindness & love always best!
9th January, 2017 #davidduncan
Dangggg, had to help this poor soul at the gym who collapsed and turned white as snow! Thanks #davidduncan for the advice
7th January, 2017 #davidduncan