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I didn't want to live tweet #days today bc I wanted to enjoy the full Sami effect with no distraction and it was AMAZING.
1st December, 2017 #days
I love that Sami is doing what she feels she needs to do to help Will, but is still horrified by it. My favorite ki…
1st December, 2017
All I'm getting from Rafe is he needs to feel more important than Bo. He needs to be loved more than Bo. He's the…
1st December, 2017
Oh this is a new layer of Sami we’re seeing. I’m still purring. #DAYS
1st December, 2017 #DAYS
What is the big deal about getting married? I mean, yes, this is a soap, and weddings are still big deals. I'd love…
1st December, 2017
@AlanSarapa Unless you're Sami Brady, in which case you blame the first person who walks through the door. I get…
1st December, 2017