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Difficult MonDayZ, battled bugs but had great #Dayz stream. Got ourselves lots sniper kills & GG to the 2man team a…
14th March, 2017 #Dayz
The developer of DayZ (Brian Hicks) just blocked me because I asked when the game would be finished... Thanks for the update Brian! 👍🏻#DayZ
14th March, 2017 #DayZ
@PUBATTLEGROUNDS is SO fun!!! but we are switching to #DayZ! come chill survivors!
14th March, 2017 #DayZ
I liked a @YouTube video from @septicfalcon New Melee Combat & Community Concerns ~ #DayZ Status Report
14th March, 2017 #DayZ
Feeling a bit better today. Hoping some more sleep will cure me so I can play & stream tomorrow night. Miss the adv…
14th March, 2017
LIVE NOW! Doin some #DayZ adventures tonight! Come chill!
14th March, 2017 #DayZ