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Sometimes the best thing we can do is slow down, take a breath and wait and not tweet and not post and not create d… https://t.co/RRnpZSiTvV
8th April, 2018
DCI releases a statement, still too vague and inarticulate. YEA set the right tone. https://t.co/j1vMy1r7Al #DCI
8th April, 2018 #DCI
This a great clearing of the air and holding themselves accountable for their initial missteps. This is what leader… https://t.co/jMBJTeoXsg
8th April, 2018
YEA CEO Sean Young Releases a FANTASTIC statement. Read here: https://t.co/yzAb72ziqq YEA Board releases apology,… https://t.co/fS9zXDIj8S
8th April, 2018
OTD April 7, 1893 #Allen_Dulles born. #OSS officer and longest serving #CIA #DCI. https://t.co/opEFdcqPZJ
8th April, 2018 #Allen, #CIA, #DCI
There is zero culture at #DCI or #WGI to speak up. Likely who you tell is close to the person that did it. Years o… https://t.co/vXKjVQ5ETH
7th April, 2018 #DCI
@DCI Hey @DCI are you ever going to acknowledge the pain and terror the victims faced? Applaud their bravery for st… https://t.co/DH9Rmqija5
7th April, 2018
Have your say on what you believe will be the key trends, opportunities and challenges set to shape and impact the… https://t.co/CX4iVnU9wJ
7th April, 2018