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Wow! This guy is a goldmine of info. Politicians and Emails! Always a trail for others to find. #NCState #ncga
18th April, 2018
Blue Jays Game In Jeopardy (Update: Canceled!) Because There's A Damn Hole In The Roof #DeadSpin
17th April, 2018
My favorite part of Real Time was how Maher put Timothy Burke in the greys. Some rando did this edit. Perfect. #Deadspin
14th April, 2018 #Deadspin
@ProfBank This is very interesting. The law (Ohio Revised Code 9.67) can be read here - ...…
13th April, 2018
@drewmagary how any paragraphs before another hot Trump take?!! #woke #deadspin
10th April, 2018 #deadspin