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One more year until I graduate 😳 #december2018 I’m coming for you
16th December, 2017 #december2018
Apparently the Law School Gods wanted to keep me on my toes this trimester, but it all worked out. Only two trimes…
14th December, 2017
Semester officially over & Im ready for 2018! Senior year 😭🙏🏽 #BSNRN2018 #December2018
14th December, 2017 #December2018
Currently eating 🍕 drinking 🍷enjoying a well deserved 🎥night after taking and hopefully acing my "final" final exam…
11th December, 2017
December 2017. Living In Toronto. Listening to house music. Eating brocoli. Everything is Possible fams. Wouldve ne…
8th December, 2017