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@daniellecormack its so weird seeing u go from prison inmate to a cop on deepwater. but its an awesome show. #deepwater
24th October, 2016 #deepwater
@DeepWaterSBS @SBS finally finished tv series & doco & so disgusted & angry! The families of these murdered men must have justice #DeepWater
24th October, 2016
@SBS I also got very excited when a wild Simon from Playschool appeared. He's all grown up! #DeepWater
24th October, 2016
Show your pride during Spirit week, but remember the most important part is to WIN the Homecoming game! #DEEPWATER,…
24th October, 2016 #DEEPWATER
#DeepWater Just watched all 4 eps.Even though it is a history learning series,it is also current in topic. Well done to all. @YaelStone
24th October, 2016