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@alex_rileyy I have a video to share for your birthday, but I prolly shouldn't. Happy bday though! #Dega
23rd May, 2017 #Dega
@bwombat24 @DanaLovesRacing At that #Dega race Sr fans empty AND full beer cans at JG's winning car. 9 yr old son wā€¦
22nd May, 2017 #Dega
"All Animals are Equal. Some Animals are More Equal than Other Animals" - Michigan Tax Code #MiThrive #BLM #CCā€¦
19th May, 2017
Love working out in my @chaseelliott merch and showing off my tan lines that are still there from Talladega šŸ˜‚.ā€¦
17th May, 2017
Holy shit it's that time a year again. Our tickets are booked and I can't contain my excitement. @TalladegaSuperS sā€¦
15th May, 2017