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@Daniel_Scott19 @Deanlowery2 @griffinstanley1 @Willy_Wilhite Might have to head south that weekend fellas for round 3 #DEGA
12th July, 2017 #DEGA
Hanging out up north. Nice to get away and relax. Hope all @3WideRCN members are doin good. Can't wait to race with…
9th July, 2017
@TheDemocrats Resist Collectivist Central Planners, which in Mi is @MIHouseDems @MISenDems & Establishment GOP.…
8th July, 2017
@joeg_17 @John_Kass @chicagotribune LowTaxes Relative to Chicago. Michigan Residents getting Skrewed by Central Pla…
8th July, 2017