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The #airquality in #Delhi is like second hand smoke from 5 cigarettes in a day. PM2.5 is 176.69 µg/m³. 🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬 #KnowYourAir
18th February, 2020 #airquality, #Delhi
It's a request plz open the Shaheen Bagh's road 13A by hook or crook. If u can't do anythng then stop protecting th…
18th February, 2020
N well, from last many years, this salary of Imams is continuing! Oh dear Bharatiya Hindus of #Delhi ,let's unite…
18th February, 2020 #Delhi
#Coronavirusindia 😷💊 Non vegetarians take note! FSSAI to start hygiene ratings of meat & fish shops🐟🍖🥩 #FSSAI
18th February, 2020
List of courses offered by IP University under BTech Programme See: @isrgrajan
18th February, 2020