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-- cautious step back. Eyes casting down at @ObdurateCause when scratchy, raspy, and somehow still deep words spill…
16th July, 2018
@WLA_RockChall @Mr_Sunter @WestLakesAcad Just realised you even put #derek on your tweet before
15th July, 2018 #derek
Watching Derek for the first time...completely warms my heart and makes me want to be a better person ❤️ beautiful @rickygervais #Derek
15th July, 2018 #Derek
#Derek is back on @netflix !!! Thank you, @rickygervais @BoboGervais and all your other aliases! ❤ Derek is the gr…
15th July, 2018 #Derek
I would love it if @rickygervais followed me.. except I’m pretty sure I’d have a coronary. Then how would I watch a…
15th July, 2018
Why are apps saying #Derek is new on #Netflix?! Was it ever gone? It's a Netflix show right so why would they ever remove it?
14th July, 2018 #Derek, #Netflix