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Approximately 225 million people attend more than 1.8 million company- or association-sponsored events annually #DesignCouncil
17th October, 2016 #DesignCouncil
@designcouncil So pleased to be accepted for design academy, looking forward to the briefing on Monday 😊😄 #designcouncil #CreativeMinds
15th October, 2016 #designcouncil
New Design is Mostly Invisible, Deepley Integrated Into Complex Systems That Support Our Way of Life. #DesignCouncil
14th October, 2016 #DesignCouncil
5 (20%) of top cumulative-funded VC-backed ventures that have raised additional capital since 2013 have designer co-founders #DesignCouncil
14th October, 2016 #DesignCouncil
27 startups that were co-founded by designers have been acquired since 2010 by companies like Google, Facebook, Adobe #DesignCouncil
13th October, 2016 #DesignCouncil
According to recent studies, companies that placed emphasis on design grew 299 percent between 2003 and 2013 #DesignCouncil
12th October, 2016 #DesignCouncil
Color, Contrast, Proportion, and Shape. Powerful Tools in the Design of Massive Change. #DesignCouncil
12th October, 2016 #DesignCouncil