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‘need a wholistic approach of all groups working together — the clubs, peak bodies, the sporting community, and all… https://t.co/K0IFv7VoCI
24th June, 2018
An exciting delivery this morning. New cotton summer dresses on sale at DFV with great prints. #dfv #northdevonhttps://t.co/JaQL4eujiJ
22nd June, 2018 #dfv
DVCS provides a 24/7 crisis counselling, emergency accommodation, legal supports and programs for those who’ve expe… https://t.co/sS17sc1smt
22nd June, 2018
"I kept hearing my pastors voice telling me there was no reason I shouldn’t be able to sit in worship with the man… https://t.co/vw3C4woxj6
21st June, 2018
@AnnaTree @kellyvincent88 Absolutely! We’re learning loads from the first year of this pilot project, but would lov… https://t.co/MWW5VST9i8
21st June, 2018
.@kellyvincent88 regularly worked on issue of #accessibility in all its forms in #saparli, for WWD trying to flee a… https://t.co/cvdXcpyvjO
21st June, 2018
One of the critical service gaps we see is girls 15-17 who are pregnant ir have very young babies. Not appropriate… https://t.co/4ENrxyAmo6
21st June, 2018