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[#Diablo] Twice the treasure goblins in the #SeasonOfGreed means twice the chance to get these pets from the Menage… https://t.co/EYjLPMsTks
21st June, 2018 #Diablo
@Diablo #Diablo Can we have pets that pick up blue/yellow/white items only? My mouse gets put through -hell- running this game.
20th June, 2018 #Diablo
• LIVE #Diablo3 Season 14 • Come hang as we reach max level and the grind for that high level gear!… https://t.co/pEZX7pDAdC
20th June, 2018
🔴 LIVE at https://t.co/6ZYXtwrcPU with some more @Diablo L70 rifts & farmsies. So, we kind of know what we're doing… https://t.co/NsEE5VMIkZ
20th June, 2018