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This week at Dishing It & Digging It: Panini with Homemade Honey Mustard via @dishofdailylife here… https://t.co/aeZsJvenYh
25th April, 2017
@AmitShah In presence of #Didi ? Didi is taking all efforts in flooding in of Bangladeshis..
25th April, 2017 #Didi
@Aagan86 @AmitShah the one where it shows how years of communist and then anarchist #didi's rule has ruined Bengal. https://t.co/bGBWwqQAj5
25th April, 2017 #didi
The worst form of communal & appeasement politics is being promoted by #Didi in Bengal with help of her yelping lackeys & courtiers
25th April, 2017 #Didi
Super support from @gigslutz for our producer @LaurenD_D solo release as @IamDIDImusic #DIDI FREE download #awkward https://t.co/k6onZznU9e
25th April, 2017 #DIDI
Did you see that @DIVAmagazine have the first share of 'brilliant new track' Awkward from 'fearless' @IamDIDImusichttps://t.co/XNny1GOIjG
25th April, 2017