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Check out Diesel T Shirt Mens Size L Black Only The Brave Graphic T Short Sleeve Cotton #Diesel https://t.co/pLN2IlLilY via @eBay
27th February, 2020 #Diesel
What if I believed in Bitcoin about 8 years ago, and I bought it instead of spending $100 per month for gas/diesel,… https://t.co/fLkQebMcBv
27th February, 2020
Diesel continues to get pummeled - losing 28% since Jan 6th. The last time we saw a drop this sharp was from 12/1/1… https://t.co/K5D3pXUSb3
27th February, 2020
Freight market rebound may be here – our latest #Podcast #Freight market showing signs of life after weeks-long sl… https://t.co/DJCgyxz18C
27th February, 2020 #Podcast
Had a nice drive up to Layburn and back, sun was out bit of snow on the hill tops. 190 mile round trip cant do that… https://t.co/zbjSjmEL29
27th February, 2020
On this week's Drilling Deep podcast, I talk about the collapsing price of #diesel and with the attorney who has so… https://t.co/HWmyW82Mh6
27th February, 2020 #diesel
The @ILSoybean has joined a partnership to conduct a yearlong validation project of revolutionary #biodieselhttps://t.co/Z1tFCY62c5
27th February, 2020
“How to Build a 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel Bronco - Part 3” is live on the channel! https://t.co/xs3ia4lViU #Fordhttps://t.co/9E05FWhhIx
27th February, 2020 #Ford