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Two south Essex towns ranked as the most polluted areas in the UK https://t.co/AP1M8qbwsX too many #diesels
2nd May, 2018 #diesels
There's still around 40,000 premature deaths every year that are linked to the country's poor #airquality despite d… https://t.co/pnzn9zASDr
1st May, 2018 #airquality
Hey love, look here! Have a pair of bench jeans only £12.99! Ugh no thanks I'll have a pair of diesels ☝️ #fairpoint #diesels are the best!
29th April, 2018 #diesels
Ford, BMW, and Infiniti electric car strategy, Trump loses in court, and electric car https://t.co/HWfBIQhUSM #Diesels #FuelEconomy
28th April, 2018 #Diesels
VLocity DMU 1203 (entered service 2006) Sprinter 7004 'Nick Green' (entered service 1994) Just north of Southern Cr… https://t.co/iiUdR2EuuA
26th April, 2018