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Nissan to cut hundreds of UK jobs Latest European manufacturer to report declining sales of diesel vehicles.… https://t.co/pCISzT9A7Y
20th April, 2018
April 2018: Pacific National, BL 33, 1984, Co-Co, 3,340 h.p., built in Australia (Clyde Engineering). #鉄道ファン… https://t.co/4uOKVzuv4U
19th April, 2018
V/Line A class (rebuilt Victorian Railways B class), built by Clyde Engineering 1952-4, Co-Co, 1,500 h.p., Melbourn… https://t.co/DCkj8YaW6B
19th April, 2018
Everyone come visit the boys and I at Bar Bleu on Gardner Street. Great drink prices and unmatched service. #Diesels
14th April, 2018 #Diesels
Commonwealth Railways GM class: GM10 (1952) and GM22 (1962) next to the turntable at South Dynon Locomotive Depot (… https://t.co/NtsrYzvLk2
13th April, 2018