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@lanreamodu You made a false statement. You wrote, "Albert Einstein said, 'The definition of insanity is doing the… https://t.co/lJ6sRWKnSi
12th April, 2018
@MarthaJPerkins @VanCourierNews What are you doing about this false information: "'As Albert Einstein so prophetica… https://t.co/tJUfFdplP9
10th April, 2018
@PeterMeiszner @sthomas10 @VanCourierNews Man Spreads False Information in 2011 - Today, his identity is verified b… https://t.co/xNVDv9VMqC
10th April, 2018
@VanCourierNews @sthomas10 FROM #CANADA: "'Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecti… https://t.co/5Hg5m2ONb2
10th April, 2018 #CANADA
@passittobulis "That quote, incidentally, is terrible, particularly when attributed to a scientist like Einstein."… https://t.co/Ei8QR3IZ1c
10th April, 2018
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10th April, 2018