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That weather eh, what a load of Cock & Bull. We're back open now! Our @BourbonEdin grill is reminiscent of a lively… https://t.co/hCy5TwxKrs
3rd March, 2018
Walk in to a warm "Hello, good morning. How can I serve you today." When you're here, you're family. Thank you for… https://t.co/6V7oyJMBrC
3rd March, 2018
I relish any opportunity to say "Your country #breakfast is ready!" Scrambled #eggs with #cheese, grilled #potatoeshttps://t.co/QzYqtvymAj
3rd March, 2018 #eggs
Had a hankerin’ for some good ole’ Texan chicken-fried steak the size of a hubcap. Can always count on @threadgillshttps://t.co/YHMcekrTbG
3rd March, 2018
In case you missed it, check out our experience with the upscale #diner #food at Silver in Bethesda, MD! >>>… https://t.co/kTaOL4OksA
3rd March, 2018 #diner