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@TheTweetOfGod @realDonaldTrump 💡Are You Saying a Persons Fortitude is Measured By His ManHood?🤔You Dissappoint Me… https://t.co/qA2qZKwcAW
28th January, 2019
Don’t let past #disappointments or your current situation determine your #future life. Nothing you have or have fai… https://t.co/7Zd8kSPfHe
28th January, 2019
Just Pinned to Quotes - Inspirational: Don’t let past #disappointments or your current situation determine your… https://t.co/48aDQxZNHG
28th January, 2019
@heyydanielll We’ll roll over & cuddle ur man he’ll comfort you! & wipe those 🦎 tears. At least you have him.🤷🏾‍♂️… https://t.co/qndGk8VK9h
26th January, 2019
Is @danawhite still alive? I think he’s supposed to kill himself... @ufc #USADAisJOKE #VADA #samething just go bac… https://t.co/QxoZU90gUN
25th January, 2019
The suggestion that people should try to be happy and successful all the time is the reason for all the pain and di… https://t.co/QnjTjvHv79
24th January, 2019