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So the #GoogleArtsandCulture app says I’m either a Dutch Field Marshal, or a Venetian bureaucrat... either way I’m… https://t.co/C3FL8Gss6E
21st January, 2018
@Davies777Davies @CW_Commercials In fairness I thought he looked pretty good. Derby well out of sight. Tie is a bit… https://t.co/MZUCVA75fS
19th January, 2018
In The Goonies, Andy is faced with the dilemma of playing an A sharp or a B flat. As a full believer in student cho… https://t.co/daAuG3jNnE
19th January, 2018
Wendi K. Wardlaw Has Been Recognized Among the Top in His Industry by the Expert Network© https://t.co/BppfKhDW4mhttps://t.co/0O1Uqo323n
18th January, 2018