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I happen to look outside at work and what do I see? My car twin lol I'm on the left. Not often this happens lol.…
17th April, 2018
1972 #dodgedart - The Dodge Dart was a tremendous success for the Chrysler Corporation in the 1970s…
17th April, 2018 #dodgedart
What's our #MondayMotivation this week? Our offices in SoCal getting warm enough to #HangTen this weekend! This sur…
17th April, 2018
Own the road in our amazing 2015 Dodge Dart SXT! Come see us today for a test drive. #didge
16th April, 2018
Does anyone else cuss out their car’s Bluetooth system on a daily basis? #dodgedart @Dodge
15th April, 2018 #dodgedart