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23rd September, 2017
@DorcoShai I love #Dorco Shari soft touch because it literally keeps my skin smooth and soft to the touch! Best razor out their
22nd September, 2017 #Dorco
Another day of refill #deals! Get 25% off ALL Shai 3 cartridge packs w/code SHAI325A at unt…
22nd September, 2017 #deals
@DorcoShai Shai smooth touch! Because my legs look and feel smooth,with no razor burn left behind either! perfect f…
22nd September, 2017
@DorcoShai I like that my skin is smooth and flawless- soft and perfect like baby skin! #Dorco
22nd September, 2017 #Dorco
@DorcoPace My husband likes the pace because his skin shines smooth and clean as if he is once again a young teenager, flawless #Dorco
22nd September, 2017 #Dorco
@DorcoPace #Dorco The Pace, it doesn't leave his face with stubble and I can kiss him more often.
22nd September, 2017 #Dorco
@DorcoShai I love the #Dorco razors because I have sensitive skin and they don't irritate me like others do.
22nd September, 2017 #Dorco