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My boss thinks he's funny. He knows I'm eating these sad veggies for dinner, but he was sure to show me his delicio…
16th September, 2017
I wish that there were pink people emojis-or that teal that Skeeter from #Doug was.Or the purple BB was.All the same I'm stoked about 🤦‍♀️
15th September, 2017 #Doug
@whalewithawhy I am watching #Doug right now. It's the one where Doug is trying to get a haircut, and where his grandmother comes to visit.
15th September, 2017 #Doug
I Never Knew I Can Love Someone As Much As I Love Him #Doug❤️
15th September, 2017 #Doug
@KFILE This is why we need @dougjonessenate. Moore is a religious zealot, Strange is trump yes man, no matter who i…
15th September, 2017