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#Dog owner filmed hitting and #dragging #puppy in street - do you know who he is? https://t.co/ddwdImUxLZ
16th February, 2018 #puppy
Iced coffee and omelette. I'm going to get through this day! #dragging #nurselife
15th February, 2018
It’s ONLY Thursday, feels like the longest week ever this! Can’t wait for it to be over #dragging
15th February, 2018
5 more days of being suspended on PSN dammmmmm this shit is dragging like fuck😤😤😤😤😤😤😤#dragging
15th February, 2018
@shaunwhite #dragging the flag. Congratulations on winning the gold son, however since eternity, just so u no in c… https://t.co/bieMHwgVco
14th February, 2018