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Life’s just so depressing sometimes. I just wanna have my life fully together and it seems completely impossible.… https://t.co/4Wx8n6pZyY
18th January, 2018
@edwards_151 I'll be there next year... not good enough yet and need my @UnicornDarts sponsorship first! #UnicornDarts #Dreams
18th January, 2018 #Dreams
Aaaaaaaaah! Laah-dah-ah! Lah-dah-yah! Laah-yah! Lah-ah-AH! ... I want more! Impossible to ignore! Impossible to ign… https://t.co/4l9R3dmpqd
18th January, 2018
"Care more about the people your students become rather than the scores on the tests they take".… https://t.co/cQVbxykRbM
18th January, 2018