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Gotta fix stuff to break it later, "drifting is nothing but fun " they said. #drifting #weldallthethings https://t.co/cvWppvQljk
15th October, 2018 #drifting
The ford mustang RTR has to be the best @FormulaDrift car in Forza horizon 4 and it looks even better with the… https://t.co/PyoCgVdJ3c
15th October, 2018
Hey I figured I’d start posting pics here like my Instagram page so we are starting with this #cars #Suprahttps://t.co/NEJWAmULl9
15th October, 2018 #cars, #Supra
If you haven't heard Adelitas Way in a store by now, then you don't get out enough!. Here's their latest: #DRIFTINGhttps://t.co/890cDdNbRy
15th October, 2018 #DRIFTING
We felt the need for speed, so we headed to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for some drift racing at over 160MPH! Than… https://t.co/cVV8LleJnQ
15th October, 2018