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What should you do before you overtake another vehicle? A. Turn on your turn signal B. Flash your headlights C. Dr… https://t.co/tDhIzalART
20th November, 2017
The #ThanksgivingHoliday can bring #weather challenges on your #RoadTrip! Fall leaves can suddenly turn into snow a… https://t.co/8hEzpecC2q
17th November, 2017 #RoadTrip
They tell you to focus on the road ahead while driving and then give you three rear view mirrors :-/ #drivingskillshttps://t.co/J6qCTIsSnM
15th November, 2017 #drivingskills
Thank you North Allegheny Senior High School for having us today!It was our pleasure to talk to you all today about… https://t.co/9zjqJSMRPO
14th November, 2017
We’re getting ready for an exciting & informative assembly on safe driving at @NorthAllegheny with @rickdayton &… https://t.co/4sSpPtoQ5C
14th November, 2017
when i had gone on a test drive i remember getting the test drive car being smashed by a bus which i tried to overtake... #DrivingSkills
11th November, 2017 #DrivingSkills
I was passed on the #DanRyan by a guy driving with his foot and eating tacos. It was equally the most terrifying an… https://t.co/psOsj6fzay
10th November, 2017