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#Police department sees increase in #drugged driving - Apr 20 @8:33 PM ET https://t.co/MgZ0LpIRs2
21st April, 2018
.@NEStatePatrol are active every day in #Nebraska keeping our roads safe. Today they join the @NHTSAgov to talk abo… https://t.co/mbw6yLSovX
20th April, 2018
Batgirl Chloroformed. Inspired by the episode "Penguin's a Jinx" where penguin used a magnet to magnetize Batman an… https://t.co/rzeqEjFTGi
20th April, 2018
& going ahead, let's remember if there are no criminal charges, civil litigation doesn't get drivers who make… https://t.co/fmGnj75LYQ
20th April, 2018
@VeraPapisova Were you not aware ?? What did you expect by going to an event that the owner and #AEG openly… https://t.co/1fOANpvDbv
20th April, 2018
@seanrosscollins @amazon @TDAmeritrade On my way home from Anaheim I stopped at the cemetery to let them know what… https://t.co/wXED6LgPBv
19th April, 2018